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FunZoo manufactures plush toys also known as stuffed toys.

The Soft Toy Manufacturing Process


The first process is the prototype. You need to provide some idea on what you would like the product to be. A teddy bear, a doll, some other animal etc. Then you need to go into the details with some drawing or picture of the final product.

Our designers then take over and a sample prototype is produced for a small fee. Changes are made until you are satisfied with the final design. Once the prototype looks good in photos, we send the sample to you so that you are able to get a feel of the final design.

If you then decide to proceed with the production the sample fee is refunded to you as a credit towards manufacturing. If you decide that you are not ready to proceed then the sample is still yours to keep.


Manufacturing durations can also differ according to quantities and complexity of the toy, as well as the workload at the factory. We can give you an accurate estimate once the sample is ready. Typical production times are 30 – 45 days. Delivery via ship of course takes much more time while air freight takes typically 2-10 days.


Pricing of each toy differs as per design, size and quantity. Material costs also vary from time to time. Our quotation will include expected manufacturing costs and shipping costs. All quotations will be approximate. Only when it comes to ship your completed order can we give you a firm quote based on actual measured weights and cubic volume of the shipment.