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How do you quote a price ?

The first quote is based on the information you give us about your toy. These quotes are a near approximate of the final quote. However due to time involved in developing the prototype, increase in raw material costs and increase in shipping costs the final quote could fluctuate slightly with the initial quote.

How do you charge for a prototype ?

Prototype fees can vary depending upon the size of the toy, complexity of design, cost of manufacturing and the shipping costs. Typical fees are between US $ 250 to US$ 500.

Can you make multiple samples of one toy design so that I can choose from any one ?

Yes of course. The cost will also reduce. So if you need one teddy bear in 5 different colors then that is definitely doable. The degree of reduction will depend on the toy and the number of different designs in question.

Can you explain the prototyping process ?

Once the design is ready we send you photos from multiple angles. Then as per your comments the prototypes are modified as per your requirements. Once your final approval comes we begin production.

Can you give me some time estimate for the first prototype ?

Normally this takes between 10-15 working days. This will vary depending upon how busy we are with earlier jobs and the complexity of the design and manufacturing. Rush sampling is always possible;

Where is your factory ?

Fun Zoo Toys is located in the pollution free atmosphere of Greater Noida, very close to the international airport. Greater Noida is a newly developed and well organized industrial city, situated near the border of New Delhi, the capital of India.

How long does a product take to manufacture ?

Mostly a product is ready within 40 – 45 days. Manufacturing times fluctuate with quantities and complexity of the toy; Workload at the factory and shipping time also is an important factor in the timeline.

Air freight is of course faster but more expensive. Shipping via ocean is the cheaper option.

Are rush orders possible ?

Yes. Definitely. But factors such as existing workload at the factory and complexity of the design will be taken into account before we accept a rush order.

Does your quote include shipping costs, tariffs, and customs fees ?

We normally do include all of these. In exceptional circumstances certain things like changes in laws, changes in shipping costs, increase in raw materials etc. can influence the quotation. Of course we can give you a quote only for the toy.

What about safety and testing ?

We are EN 71 compliant.

Our primary objective is to ensure that toys, in the hands of children, do not cause harm or pose an undue risk. So, what makes a good, safe toy? We believe that if a toy can withstand rigorous safety testing and meet the highest international standards, then it is reasonable to describe it as a safe toy.