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Who is a Soft toy Manufacturer?

A Soft toy manufacturer designs and manufactures stuffed animal toys and plush toys that cater to children.

The process followed by a Soft Toy manufacturer

a)Selection of Plush Character Concepts

The first step in the process involves selecting the right concept and character for the soft stuffed toy. Plush toys can be designed from existing characters or mascots they might also be designed keeping in mind brands to be promoted.

b) Recipients & Ages

Soft stuffed toys can be created for all age groups. The different age groups look for different things in soft stuffed toys. Children usually wish to play, hug and spend time with a plush-sized toy. In the case of grown-ups, they are mostly used as decorative pieces.

c) Design Process

Once the above-mentioned points are taken care of the designing process of the soft stuffed toy is initiated. The design process involves the selection of the soft stuffed toy format, size, and materials to be used in the manufacture of the soft stuffed toy.

d) Packaging

The most popular plush toy packaging is a simple hangtag. This tag provides brand information and product information. Additionally, it also provides information on the character of the plush toy. It is usually placed on the plush toy’s ear or hung by a cord, chain, or plastic tie around the plush toy. Many stuffed toys have no other packaging, other than clear plastic bags for protection during shipping.

Soft Stuffed Toy Manufacturing

One the plush toy prototype is completed and approved the manufacturing process is initiated. It includes the following steps:

a) Procurement of Fabric and other materials

The first step in the plush production is ordering all fabrics and materials.

b) Fabric Cutting

The plush toy pattern is then used to cut the fabric into the pieces needed to make the plushie. This process is done by a laser cutting machine or by the use of cutting dies which are placed in a press. Some of the work is also done by hand using fabric shears.

c) Embroidery and Detailing

Most of the embroidery, printing, and detailing is done after the fabric is cut, though in some cases this can be done before the cutting.

d) Sewing & Assembly

The fabric pieces are then stitched together in the inside out method leaving a small hole to facilitate the stuffing. Tags are then added to the soft stuffed toys.

d) Stuffing

The small hole created during sewing is used for stuffing. The plush toys are stuffed until they achieve the right level of softness or denseness. A range of stuffing materials can be used to fill up soft stuffed toys including beans, cotton, and synthetic fibers.

e) Quality Control

Before being packed and shipped the soft stuffed toys are checked for quality compliance. Plush toy testing and safety certification are also performed as per local and international guidelines.