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What is soft toy making?

A Soft Toy is made from textiles like plain cloth, plush, or terrycloth. They are also known as stuffed toys. The materials used in the stiffing are cotton, wood wool, plastic pellets, or straws. Soft toymakers usually model their soft toys using comic book characters, heroes, and animals. Soft toymakers produce toys in different shapes and sizes.

What is the difference between a plush toy and a soft toy?

Both these words are used to describe the same thing namely toys that are stuffed with soft fabric. These toys have smooth fur attached on their outside while the inside is stuffed with cotton or a similar kind of material.

Soft Toy Makers Process

The processes involved in soft toy making are given below.


The production of soft toys begins with the concept taking into consideration the current market trend and demand. This is followed by the design process. The design process also specifies the raw materials that will be used in the soft toy-making process. Three-dimensional modelling of the design is also undertaken to get a better insight into the toy which will be produced.


Once the design is approved the prototype is created using the design.


The prototype is modified and refined based on the feedback received. Before undertaking mass production the size and volume of the soft toys are decided. This is followed by the procurement of the raw materials for the making of the soft toy. The fabric is then cut and sewed as per requirement. This is followed by the stuffing process.

Quality Control and Safety

Once the production is completed the soft toys are inspected for their quality as per the prescribed quality norms. They are also examined for conformation to statutory guidelines prescribed.

Packing and Shipping

Once the soft toys pass the required quality and safety norms they are packed and shipped.