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What are Plush Toys?

Plush toys are toys made in the shape of an animal. They are made from plush or a type of thick, soft cloth and then filled with a soft material. Modern plush toys are manufactured from synthetic fibers like polyester.

What are custom made plush toys?

Custom made plush toys are toys made as per the specifications and design provided by the customer.

What are the steps in manufacturing a custom made plush toy?

There are four steps in the manufacture of custom made plush toys.

a) Creation Stage

In this process, the customer provides an image or photograph and the specifications for the manufacture of the custom made plush toy.

b) Prototype Stage

Based on the image, photographs and inputs provided the initial design is created. Once the design is approved by the customer a prototype is created.

c) Production Stage

On approval of the prototype, the plush toys are mass produced after taking into account the size, quantity, and materials as specified by the customer. The finished product is then checked for the required safety and quality norms.

d) Shipment

This stage involves the shipping of the custom made plush toys to the desired locations.

What material is used for plush toys?

Modern plush is manufactured using synthetic fibers such as polyester.

What are the uses of custom made plush toys?

Custom made plush toys are mainly used for advertising, promotional, and branding activities.