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SOFT TOYS Cleaning & Washing

Soft Toys maybe your children’s best friends, but soft toys can collect a lot of dust and grime over time. It’s tempting to add plush toys to a load of washing, but they can be easily damaged or destroyed. Washing soft toys like teddy bears can be an emotional experience for your little one, so it's extra significant that they leave the wash similarly as splendidly soft as they went in! Trying to keep your kid's preferred soft toys spotless and sterile.

Follow the tips in this article to learn how to wash soft toys or stuffed toys and similar toys.

Check the Label

First, check the label Gentle care is the initial phase in how to wash a soft toy. Not all soft toys ought to go into the washing machine. On the off chance that a soft toy is old or delicate, or on the off chance that it has sensitive parts like sequins, stuck on eyes, or sewn-on catches, don't risk these falling off in the washing machine.

Washing Machine Method

Instead of using a top loading machine, you could take a large load of laundry to a laundromat and wash your stuffed animal with that load.

  • 1.) Make sure the toy isn’t battery operated, as washing will ruin it.
  • 2.) Protect the stuffed toy by popping it in a zipped mesh laundry bag.
  • 3.) Place the bag in the washing machine and wash on the delicate or gentle cycle.
  • 4.) Use warm or cool water.
  • 5.) Remove toy from the laundry bag and, if necessary, gently stretch it into shape.

The washing machine is a truly wondrous contraption however, some soft toys should steer clear of the appliance, including:

  • • Very big toys – they won’t fit and will take ages to dry anyway
  • • Very densely stuffed toys
  • • Toys with batteries or a music box
  • • Toys with glued on parts, like buttons and hats or sequins and glitter
  • • Old and delicate toys
  • • Toys with a ‘not machine washable’ label

And if a soft toy can’t go in the machine, fear not! There are a few things you can do by hand…


Use a vacuum with the hose or upholstery attachment to get the dust off its fur.

Wipe it down

Mix a bit of water with a tiny bit of detergent and, using a damp cloth, gently rub the fur in a circular motion till it’s all clean. Then remove the suds by rubbing it with a dry, white towel.

Hand wash method

  • 1. This method is best for delicate toys. Fill a tub with warm water and include a teaspoon of fluid clothing cleanser. Blend well. Place the toy in the water and gently wash it with your hands.
  • 2. If necessary, use an old soft toothbrush to carefully remove any stains.
  • 3. Rinse the toy in cool or warm water and gently squeeze out.

Drying Your Soft Toys

  • 1. Use a clothesline. The wetter your toy, the more it will take to dry. Ensure all the abundance water is gone before drying your creature on a clothesline. On a sunny day, use clothespins to hang your toy and set it to dry. Air dry your animal. Away from pets and children.
  • 2. Use a dryer. If your label indicates that you are able to use a dryer, place your animal in a dryer on low heat or permanent press. While heat dries the animal quickly, it can also damage the animal or mat the fur Ensure both the inside and outside are dry.
  • 3. Reposition and reshape the animal. The stuffing may have jostled during the drying process so reshape your animal and fluff the fur so that it looks like the original version.

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