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Why Funzoo for Toys ?

If you want to buy toys wholesale from but do not know how to do it then the easy way is to contact Funzoo Toys.
It can save your time, money and reduce your risk in toys purchasing.

What does Funzoo do for you ?

Funzoo Toys will provide one-stop service including:

Toys Sourcing

Follow Toys order

Toys Collect & QC

Arrange shipping for Toys

We let you concentrate on the marketing and save all your time on the sourcing & purchase.

How does Funzoo work ?

The process is as follows

• Sourcing
• Quotation
• Place Order
• Collection & QC
• Shipping

What more can Funzoo do ?

A good toys product source is not just that, good means they can control all processes and fix problems before they occur.

Rules and Regulations

The first European toy safety regulation was defined more than 25 years ago. The toy industry was involved in working with the authorities from the outset and remains fully engaged today. All toys sold in the European Union, regardless of where they are manufactured, must comply with EU toy safety legislation and standards.

In 2011, the latest Toy Safety Directive came into force. The Directive defines the essential requirements that toys must meet before being placed on the market. This includes considerations such as toy’s physical and mechanical properties, their potential for flammability, their electrical properties and the chemicals used in manufacture and construction. Harmonised standards developed by EU standardisation bodies then detail the technological specifications needed to ensure that risks are avoided.